The time I went to Trondheim

Travel log #2

I explored my home country,

it did not fail to amaze me.


As I am currently the only one in my “high school gang” that is still living in Stavanger, I felt like a trip to visit a member of this “gang” was in order. This is the story of my three days in Trondheim.


Calling it a story is although very pretentious and optimistic. It is a fairly detailed summary with attempted comedy here
and there. Please ignore any inconsistencies, sit
back and just look at the pictures instead. That is my strategy, pepper you with photos until you forget about the text. Cheers mate.

I am a very sensing person. When I come to a new place, what I really want to do is to just observe everything around me, feel the texture of the ground beneath my feet and touch the buildings and plants underneath my fingertips. One way to satisfy this need is to document the beauty I see in pictures, and experience the intense satisfaction when I am successful. So I guess this is what I want to share with you, the, maybe hidden, beauty of the places I visit.


I have grown up in 13a coastal town, so I do recognise some of the aspects of my town in Trondheim. A major aesthetic difference is the colour of the houses. Norway is a country were wooden houses are the most popular house type, and Trondheim’s wooden houses are beautiful. Everywhere I walked there where pastel coloured houses, especially by 7the river, Nidelva. I spent a lot of time just watching and taking in the view, and the sunset made it all so much better.

Trondheim is also the city with the biggest student population in Norway, I believe. This makes it a place of so many dialects, I thought. I was wrong. Way to many people spoke the Oslo-dialect, so hurray… I ended up playing spot the “Trønder*” with myself. Conclusion: I have met more *Trondheim natives outside of Trondheim than in Trondheim itself.

Oh, and before I forget, it is not like the university building isn’t gorgeous either.


However, what really made my stay was the snow. It made all the beautiful scenery possible.


As for the goals I have set for myself this year. Call them New Year’s resolutions if you believe in that. I don’t, I call it stepping out of your comfort zone. This I manage one step at the time, by not bringing a macro lense with me when I go on vacation. For me, macro is easy. Landscape is worse, and that is what I want to develop.

Kine out.


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