The time I went to Paris

Travel Log #1

I went to Paris.

And it was beautiful.

MoiI took French for four years in school, and after four years you would think I would be able to maintain simple conversation with the locals. I am not. I am however, a very frequent user of the phrases “Je ne parle pas français” and “Je ne comprends pas”. This, combined with a confused look did not get me very far. Luckily, I stayed with a French fry. Correction, a French friend*.

Museums were free for students I believe. Given my French skills I have no idea why I got in for free. Nevertheless, I spent 3 hours aimlessly walking around Les Invalides. I could easily stayed for longer, but they closed for the day…


After my numberous visits to various monuments, I could probably start a series called “the window collection”, or maybe “The glass is stained” because I am the master of the unfunny pun and was very fascinated by all the glass artwork in the churches and chapels. Oh, and ceilings should not be forgotten either. I call this one “Ceiling Small”, because like the ceiling is so big it got you feeling small…

tour guideIf you look closely at this picture, you will perhaps spot a group on tour with a tour guide. From overhearing what this tour guide said, I learnt that I should definitely visit Versailles. Why should I do so? Because it has beautiful gardens. Why does it have beautiful gardens? Because they are pretty? Why are they pretty? Because they are gorgeous? Why are the gorgeous? Because they are big. This may, or may not have been paraphrased to some extent, but it catches the essence of this tour guide’s enthusiasm (and knowledge)

Other highlights included seeing the Eiffel Tower once or twice a day, from every angle, except the top. That cost money, and well, let us pretend that it is just as beautiful from underneath, shall we? And let us not forget from the side, as seen below.

Paris by moon

BWAfter walking through the art district, I learnt that every photo becomes artistic after it is converted into black and white, so I turned some of my shittiest photos into B&W, please enjoy:

NO? okay, I do agree.

Lastly I just want to show you how elegantly I touched Le Louvre, and lost my way and found a very nicely lit back alley.

Thank you Paris for being beautiful, and sorry for not understanding a word of what you tried to tell me. And as a future goal and promise, I will have a story to tell and write it a bit earlier than a month after visiting.

Kine Out.


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